Alrighty guys – deeper lesson today. This Hashimoto’s and low thyroid combo is a legit health issue. Here’s a great summary article by Marc Ryan on just how important the thyroid is, and what can happen when it’s off.

Read this great summary / slightly deeper dive into the thyroid.

The Thyroid is Connected to So Many Parts of the Body

Hey there guys – here’s a great reminder of what we can for our Hashi women out there. It’s not about doing it perfectly, it’s about making the difference that only we guys can make.

Click on the video below for some inspiration, and go get on it!

Thanks to Michael Wentz and his wife Dr. Izabella Wentz for all you guys do in the world to help people!

So, lately my princess is feeling tired and down…

So, I got my amazing prince mode on! Actually, I got ticked off, angry, down, went out for a walk, got hopeful again, started helping with the kids, got her a some food and a cup of coffee, rubbed her neck and back; she finally felt more cared for by the end of the day.

Hardly my best day, but sometimes that’s life. I’m not always prince charming, but I get there. You can too, guys… you can too. Hang in there.

Whether you’re a guy who just needs a non-overwhelming place to start, or your a woman who wants to help her man get clued in to just how big a deal this is for you, this book of for you.

“I make the mistakes, so you don’t have to!”  is my tagline.

My book is filled with bite sized wisdom, humor, survival tips, personal stories and perspective from 20+ years of experience.

From it’s inception in Florence, Italy, until now, some 7 months later, I’ve hid myself away from my family and chained myself to a laptop for a LOT of time to get this ready for you.

I’m very happy to share this with you – now.

Get a copy of the paperback over at Amazon – click here

If you’d like to see a PREVIEW version, take a look here.


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Hey all,

As promised, here are the links contained in my book, The Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s.

I’ll likely be adding more links too, so this is good place to be for resources for you.


Here we go…

6 Tips That Will Save Your Time, Your Sanity, and Your Sex Life links:

Referenced articles:

  1. Is My Thyroid to Blame? 38 Most Common Symptoms – Dr. Frank Lanzisera

  2. What You Need to Know About Your Thyroid Health –
    Joseph Mercola

  3. Thyroid Hormone – Science Daily

  4. General Information – American Thyroid Association

  5. Hypothyroidism In-Depth Report – The New York Times

  6. Autoimmune Dis-ease: The Power of “I Believe” –  Stacey Robbins

Video Reference:

(YouTube) TED-Ed video “How Does the Thyroid Manage Your Metabolism?” – Emma Bryce


Self-Care: Why It’s Important to Take Care of You links:


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What the Heck Is Hashimoto’s Anyway? links:


Referenced articles:

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  2. American Thyroid Association’s FAQ Sheet
  3. Thyroid gland
  4. How Your Thyroid Works
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  10. Three Stages of Hashimoto’s
  11. Hashimoto’s Disease Causes
  12. Chronic Thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s Disease)
  1. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases: Hashimoto’s Disease
  2. Hashimoto’s Disease: Risk factors
  3. Hashimoto’s Disease: The Danger of Thyroid Antibodies and Pregnancy
  4. Hashimoto’s Disease: The Infection Connection
  5. Which Viruses Can Trigger Thyroid Autoimmunity?
  6. Chronic Thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s Disease) In-Depth Report
  7. American Thyroid Association
  8. Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease
  9. What is hypothyroidism? What causes hypothyroidism?
  10. Is My Thyroid to Blame? 38 Most Common Symptoms
  11. Autoimmune diseases fact sheet
  1. Hashimoto’s Disease Complications
  2. American Thyroid Association

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 Conventional vs. Alternative – What’s the Deal? links

Autoimmune Citizen Science (The App that helps you track symptoms/levels)

The TSH Normal Range: Why is There Still Controversy?
What To Do If Your TSH Is “Normal” And You Are Anything But!
Which Is The Best Thyroid Drug For Hypothyroidism?
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Why Doctors Don’t Like Knowledgeable Patients
Functional Medicine Approach to Healing Hypothyroidism



What’s Going on with Her Stomach? Links


Referenced articles:

  1. The Thyroid-Gut Connection
  2. What’s Really Going On In Hashimoto’s? Hashimoto’s is more than just hypothyroidism
  3. Food Sensitivities And Hashimoto’s – The Role of Food in Your Health Journey
  4. Elimination Diet For Hashimoto’s – Addressing Food Sensitivities in Hashimoto’s

Additional resources:




What’s up with her Moods? Links:


Referenced links:

  1. Anxiety? Panic Attacks? Depression? Mood Swings? The Thyroid Roller Coaster Ride
  2. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: We Can Win This Battle!

  3. Thyroid and mental health articles

  4. Can Doing Yoga Improve Thyroid Health?


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What’s up with her Energy? links:



  1. Thyroid and Cold Intolerance! Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharm D.
  2. Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome Symptoms
  3. How Does the Body Change Food Into Energy?
  4. FAQ on Adrenal Fatigue
  5. Top 10 Tips For Overcoming Hashimoto’s Fatigue
  6. 10 ways to overcome fatigue with a low thyroid

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What’s up with her Weight? Links:



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  2. What You Need to Know About Your Thyroid Health
  3. Thyroid Disease & Digestive Problems
  4. You Asked: Is Leaky Gut Syndrome a Real Thing? (The latest science says yes…)
  5. 4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease
  6. Chronic stress puts your health at risk
  7. Cortisol and Thyroid Hormones

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What the Heck Happened to Our Sex Life? Links:


Referenced articles:

  1. Sexual dysfunction in the United States: prevalence and predictors.

  2. Sexual Dysfunction and Thyroid Disease Solutions

  3. Paleo And Sex: How To Have A Ravenous And Kickass Female Libido

  4. Thyroid Disease And Low Libido

  5. Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

  6. Sex all in the mind for women


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(The After Thanksgiving blog post)

Oh man…

We made it.

This far anyway.

We got through Thanksgiving. The awesome food fest along with a heaping side of family dynamics/emotions.

Guy highlight for me – getting to eat the awesome pumpkin pie I helped my wife make – off of the floor.

So, my wife and worked the food for Thanksgiving in the morning, and then I had to go out and get the stuff that “we” (actually, she) forgot to get.

While I’m out, I get a text message from my wife.

“Make sure the pudding isn’t instant, and look at my Facebook post”

FYI – I’m not a natural Facebook person, but whatever, in the middle of the store I fire it up and see…


A beautiful picture of the pie we made together, and then another photo of it upside down on the kitchen floor squished out in firework like splatters.


And, so the first thing I’m thinking is….

(in the spirit of Thanksgiving)

I am so thankful that hit the floor and not the carpet!

Because I know I’m going to be cleaning this bad boy up.

I make it back home, and hug my wife. I let her know it’s ok (we also had a spare pumpkin pie – whew!)

And so, I take a closer look at this pie, and get a idea…

     “Give me a spoon”

My wife looks at my with wide eyes as she hands it to me.







Gotta say, it was good.

  • My wife laughed…
  • The kids were jazzed…
  • And we made it a memory.

So, why am I sharing this?

Because this really wasn’t how we wanted our holiday morning to start. And truly, in Thanksgiving drama fashion, this could have been an opportunity for a holiday argument, and set a sour mood for the day.

But by choosing for it to be okay, I made something that could have been a really bad memory into something fun.

Having a wife with Hashimoto’s can be like that. We get volunteered for something we both didn’t sign up for…

– Why did this have to happen?

– I don’t want this, for her, or for me

– I wish things would go back to the way things were

and on and on…

Look, life is just the way it is sometimes; you get dealt a hand that is not ideal, or fun.

But since you’re both going to be going through this anyway, we can choose to make the best of it on the way to the goal of her health and peace being restored; which helps restore your peace too.

I’m not saying it’s always going to be fun. But we have a lot of control on how we react to life. That’s the game to play and win.

Hang in there, there is the possibility of hope, fun, and health again in your relationship if you choose it.

That, my friend, is my tired husband wisdom for today.

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2016-1126 Family

Hey guys – today I’m sharing a guest post from my wife Stacey.  She shares what it’s like to go from gorgeous, to… well, let’s just say, there’s no word you can put there as a husband, and win.  Today you get the perspective from the other side.

Here’s a snippet below.  See here for the full article – “It’s a Beautiful Thing



“You’re so beautiful, funny, smart, strong, generous, loving, and gifted…”

It sounds like the affirmations of Saturday Night Live character, Stuart Smalley. His needy, lispy voice encouraging his reflection in the mirror to get laughs from the live audience, and to convince himself out of his neurosis — always ending with the infamous phrase, “And doggone it, people like me.”

But before he ever came on the scene, these were the words my parents spoke to me.

About me.

It was the list I could practically recite myself with a “blah, blah, blah’ on the end when I was a teenager and I wasn’t buying it — because you know, parents are ‘weird.’

But the truth is: I was all of those things.

I ended up starting my own business — a professional music career — at age 15. I was well-read, could do great impressions of comedians that would leave my family peeing in their pants, and we turned heads, all five of us, when we’d walk into a restaurant.

My whole Italian family was beautiful. Crazy? Yes. A little extra in the fanny? Yes. A little signature Sicilian bump on the nose? Yes. And could go from zero to bitchy in about a second?

It’s a ‘Beautiful’ thing…

Hell, yes.

But always beautiful.

And I didn’t realize how important beauty was to me, until it went away.



The whole article, “It’s a Beautiful Thing” is posted over at Hypothyroidmom.comclick her to see it.


Ciao for now,


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UPDATE (8/5/2016): Yeah – it’s taking much longer than I thought.  But it’s still coming!

OK, the wheels are turning, and magic elves are helping to get the paperback book version of the Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s on to soon.  We’re looking at about 2 weeks people!  Woo Hoo!

Thank you for all your supportive comments and emails.  This is part of what’s driving me to get this out there, to help shortcut folks to a healthier and happier place.  Please, somebody learn from my mistakes (aside from me)!

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So, I’m sitting at my desk writing my book.  I now know more about Hashimoto’s than I ever have before, and I’m about 20 years late to the ‘party’… I mean diagnosis.

It would be easy to have a pity party, but that really doesn’t help.  It’s doesn’t help me be a better husband, and it doesn’t help me keep engaged with life and my family to have me wallow in ‘what I didn’t do back in the day’.

My wife is one tough cookie, and has kept moving through life with Hashimoto’s – with or without me being present, sensitive, attentive, or considerate to her and the reality she lives in – every day.  That’s part of what I love so much about her; she has the vision to keep moving forward even when the troops don’t.

Yet sometimes, even she gets discouraged and down, and life in our house takes on a decidedly blue tone.  Laundry piles up, meals become gluten free cereal or yogurt, and the cleaning takes a pause for a while.  I usually pick up the slack while she takes time to be… human.

I am not bad guy.  I work hard.  I get in there and do my part for my wife and the kids.

And I’m also… human.

When it comes to health issues, in the past I have opted to leave that to my health conscious, organic food loving, fact researching, spiritually sensitive, uber compassionate, Dr. Mom person – a.k.a. my wife.  And I know there are many other men out there who do the same thing.  I don’t know exactly why, women just seem to be better in that department.

duct tape - no problemWhen the kiddos get hurt in our house, who do they make a beeline for?  Oh, that would be mom.

Yeah, I’ll do in a pinch… if mom’s not around.

No band aids?  No problem.

Hold this toilet paper where it’s bleeding, a little bit of duct tape – BOOM!  You are good to go, my friend.

You can stop crying now.

Truth be told, it’s highly likely that men are not as clued into their emotions as much as women are.

Is that a sexist thing to say?  I don’t know anymore.  Not to be politically incorrect, it just seems obvious that there are differences between my wife and I.

Yin Yang coupleLife just seems to have a Yin and Yang thing about these things; on one side is the guy – focused, practical, predictable, no nonsense, get ‘er done.  On the other side is the girl – compassionate, sensible, open to new things, emotionally aware.

(Forgive the stereotype, there are always exceptions and variations)  But in relationships we often find someone who complements our strengths with their strengths (oh, and weaknesses too).

Anyway, I may be late to the game, but I’m here now.  It doesn’t help my ‘awesome husband’ game to be kicking myself for what I didn’t do – that would take away from me being present to the now.

Now, I’m more aware.

  • I’m doing regular research – I made commitment to read a book about Hashimoto’s, or online Hashi articles – just 20 minutes a day.  Easy.


  • I’m being that proactive spouse asking my wife, ‘have you taken your supplements today?’ when she wants to avoid them (she’s got her own issues).  As easy as a reminder on my phone.


  • If she’s wiped out, I let her rest or nap, and then take the kids out, and we go out and do our man-venture. Fun is always easy.


  • If she’s seeming stir crazy, I’ll send her out with her girlfriends, or have her go somewhere inspiring by herself for perspective.  Happy wife, happy life – very easy investment.


  • For all our sanity’s sake, I’ll have someone come in regularly and do a basic housecleaning. Optional: the kids and I do it.  (Can’t always vouch for the quality.  Whatever… it still makes a difference)


text - keeping it realSo, as if on cue, my wife is now texting me that the kids are driving her crazy!

Then, she amends that, and says, ‘they’re not bad at all.  They’re great.  It’s just that my brain can’t *#@*!# handle so much at once.

That’s my cue people.  Gotta get into Captain Awesome mode.

Just remember, you can be that for your woman too.

Maybe you haven’t been consistent either, or got clued in later – like me.

Your time is now – let your actions speak for you.  Don’t try to backfill all the guilt of what you didn’t do in the past.  Just take this moment, and do what you need to do.

I think you know what that next step is.

Keep doing that, and being that, and she’ll take notice.

(Bonus tip – if you don’t know the next step, ask her.  I’m sure she can put a list together.)

Ciao for now,  Rock

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(a.k.a. Captain Awesome)



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