I Hope This Cartoon Doesn’t Make Sense to You

I Hope This Cartoon Doesn’t Make Sense to You

OK guys…

I need to introduce you to Stop the Thyroid Madness.


If you’re in the beginning with your Hashi woman, and considering an Endocrinologist (“Endo”) to help you, please know that there is a very common story of basically this Endo telling you what to do, looking at her (and treating her) as just her lab numbers in one specific area (instead of considering her whole health picture)

And when you share how your woman is NOT feeling better after faithfully following their program, you get attitude, or belittled. Some, who want to please their doctor, faithfully follow that advice that may not work for them, and feel awful for an unnecessarily long time.

There’s a lot of heat and frustration in this group, because they feel betrayed, beaten down, and worn from the toll on their body / emotions / life.

That’s about as short as I can make it. Hopefully that gives the context for this cartoon.

(Disclaimer: not every endocrinologist is this type, but if he or she is, just leave and save yourself a lot of frustration and pain)

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