My wife lost 100 pounds WITH Hashimoto’s (part 1)

My wife lost 100 pounds WITH Hashimoto’s (part 1)

I am so proud of my Stacey. She did it — 100 pounds lost. That is no small feat, my friend.

I have more to say on this, but I’m going start with just celebrating with her. She figured out how to…

  • love herself
  • manage the doctor “one size fits all” treatment maze
  • get thyroid supplements that work for her
  • sort through what foods help her, and which ones don’t
  • let go of relationships that don’t work for her health/mind/peace
  • find appropriate exercise for where she’s at

It’s a longer journey, much more than I can put here in a blog post.

And truly — that is enough, right there. We can stop and just go “Wow — great job.” She can enjoy more energy, being able to wear normal sized clothes, and being able to exercise in her body in new ways.

But, because she’s out there in the world helping and encouraging people, word got out, and…

Someone heard of her successful weight loss and referred her to Woman’s World Magazine. And surprise, surprise — she’s included on the COVER of the January 20th, 2020 issue!

Congrats to you Stacey!

If you’d like to know more about what she’s up to for your woman, check out her website — and sign your woman up for updates.

Ciao for now, Rock