Quick story about me: as a kid I was raised by my single mom; my dad left when I was just 1 year old. I remember coming home from school and when my mom finally arrived home from work, she would land on the couch and just fall asleep from the hard work she was doing all day.

The sad part of my story is that my mom died of lung cancer when I was 15; and we found out my died had died the year before, so he wasn’t around either. Quite a blow to me as a teenager.  Thankfully I had some family and friends come around and help.

Now, as an adult, Stacey and I get to tag team on our kiddos, and thank God we have each other, because raising kids is no small feat!

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine having to do it alone and working… and then being sick on top of it would be over the top stress.

That is why I’m reaching out to you today…

Stacey and I have a non-profit organization called Commonground that we put together some 20+ years ago to help people and make a difference in their lives.

We’re spearheading an effort to help 2 single moms in some pretty deep need.

Click here to see Stacey’s video about these deserving women:

Click here to see Stacey's video about these deserving women

So, yeah…

  • A working mom (going through cancer) with 2 teenage boys (ugh!)

  • And another working mom with 4 girls who’s been dealing with pneumonia for 6 months!

Man, these situations give me a healthy dose of perspective when I look at my own issues. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Would you join with me and Stacey in giving generously to help these ladies and their kiddos?

Yeah, I think you’re ready.  Click the link below to go to our website and donate today.  (It’s tax deductible too)


Thanks so much,

Ok guys — while many standard medical doctors and endocrinologist only prescribe T4 thyroid replacement, there is evidence that the “once size fits all” approach is NOT the whole game.

If your woman is not feeling well on T4 alone, it’s time to look into options.

This study found higher cholesterol levels are a part of the T4 only standard treatment. ‘We have to re-evaluate our guidelines’

WOW. Thank god people are studying this and moving treatment research forward.

True Story: I met a nurse (with Hashimoto’s) who worked for an endocrinologist. So here’s this health professional, who’s being treated by a person supposedly in the know. This nurse felt AWFUL on her thyroid medicine, but her endo kept telling her, “you’re in range, you’re fine.”


15 F*#$ing years of feeling like crap!!!

I don’t use all caps often, but WHAT THE HELL!

She told me that she finally started seeing an alternative practitioner who put her on another thyroid supplement regimen, where she finally started feeling better.

DON’T LET YOUR WOMAN SUFFER NEEDLESSLY. Listen to her — if she’s not feeling well, even if she’s ‘in range’ — get her on another treatment.

Here’s that article:

Standard hypothyroidism treatment falling short

Meta-analysis finds common medication fails to normalize high cholesterol caused by hypothyroidism


I am so proud of my Stacey. She did it — 100 pounds lost. That is no small feat, my friend.

I have more to say on this, but I’m going start with just celebrating with her. She figured out how to…

  • love herself
  • manage the doctor “one size fits all” treatment maze
  • get thyroid supplements that work for her
  • sort through what foods help her, and which ones don’t
  • let go of relationships that don’t work for her health/mind/peace
  • find appropriate exercise for where she’s at

It’s a longer journey, much more than I can put here in a blog post.

And truly — that is enough, right there. We can stop and just go “Wow — great job.” She can enjoy more energy, being able to wear normal sized clothes, and being able to exercise in her body in new ways.

But, because she’s out there in the world helping and encouraging people, word got out, and…

Someone heard of her successful weight loss and referred her to Woman’s World Magazine. And surprise, surprise — she’s included on the COVER of the January 20th, 2020 issue!

Congrats to you Stacey!

If you’d like to know more about what she’s up to for your woman, check out her website — staceyrobbins.com and sign your woman up for updates.

Ciao for now, Rock

Sorry to be blunt guys, but we can sometimes be dismissive when someone else is having a health issue, especially with Hashimoto’s where a person can seem “normal” on the outside.

Here are some things to NOT say to your woman…

  • “You look fine”
  • “Why are you just lying around?”
  • “Maybe if you get up and start moving,
    you’ll feel better”

We can be so sure we’re right, and that we know what’s going on, we’ll treat people the way we THINK they are, rather than the way they actually are.

(Excerpt from the book — The Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s

Is this your reality?

There are some common issues in Hashi’s women we’ve seen over the last 20 years. These ladies are uber-productive, caring, and dynamic. They make life happen and are the heart and soul of their families and communities. One of the hard truths is this: A lot of women we’ve talked to with Hashimoto’s have gone through some kind of abuse, neglect or injury in their childhood.

So, because of that old baggage, they’ve got their own internal mental circus going on – and one of the main issues they deal with is performing for their worth. That means they’ll bypass their inner signals to “stop in the name of health” and keep going so that they can keep being worthy of love.

This is a huge deal for many women. Other unpleasant side-effects include dealing with issues of trust, self-rejection, fear, perfectionism, control, and guilt that sticks like glue. They’re almost always “on” – taking care of everybody.

Sound familiar? And my counterpart to that with my wife Stacey was that I didn’t have to be “on”, because she was taking care of it all. Lots of fun for me: not so much fun for her.

Excerpt from “The Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s” (available on Amazon)

Hey everyone.

If you missed any of the talks on the Healing Hashimoto’s Summit, TODAY is the replay day of ALL the speakers including our great video “Our Hashi Household: How Our Family Lives, Loves, and Thrives“.

If you haven’t signed up, go here and get in… http://bit.ly/healing-hashimotos-summit-2017

Of course, if you want to buy the summit for yourself, you can get it here: http://bit.ly/GetTheHashiSummit


Go get it!


OK guys, today is the day! Grab your Hashi wife / partner, and have a seat.  ‘Cause we’re going to take you on a great ride.

Our video “Our Hashi Household: How Our Family Lives, Loves, and Thrives” is at the Healing Hashimoto’s Summit TODAY for free.

Go here and sign up, get the email, and jump in — http://bit.ly/healing-hashimotos-summit-2017

Stacey and I share our Hashimoto stories and what it was like to sort out this diagnosis for us as a married couple. Plus, we give tips on food, other family members, living as a Hashi family, and shortcuts that you can use NOW.

Then we give a guy side and girl side one-on-one sharing of our story of the journey from stress and sickness to thriving.

And the kids get in there too with tips and perspective.  Lot’s of work, but we’re so honored to this together for you all.

Go get on it!


Well… it’s here guys. All the major players in the Hashimoto’s space (including Stacey and I) are in the 2017 Healing Hashimoto’s Summit.  http://bit.ly/healing-hashimotos-summit-2017

Not only are there interviews by all the main players on many topics, the very cool new thing is the “For Loved Ones” track of video interviews done by me and my amazing Hashi wife Stacey — these “For Loved Ones” videos are specifically to help your non-Hashi family and friends to understand what Hashimoto’s is about, and how they can help you.

Stacey and Rock HH banner

There are just so many great resources.  Get in there while it’s still online and free from November 6th – 13th

But if you’re game, and want to watch all the videos at your own pace — they have them for sale too.

Some of the topics covered in our For Love Ones Track

  • Datis Kharrazian — Managing attitude, expectations, and family support with Hashimoto’s
  • Jolene Brighten — Hormones and Hashi’s: Finding Balance in Motherhood
  • Izabella Wentz — Hashimoto’s 101 and Beyond: Root Causes and Protocols
  • Magdalena Wszelaki — Using Hashimoto’s to Gain Support from Friends and Family
  • Marc Ryan and Ava Ryan — The Family that Deals Together, Heals Together
  • Rock and Stacey Robbins — How Our Family Lives, Loves and Thrives
  • Andrea Nakayama — Loving Yourself First

Truly, there’s much much more. So, if you want to see all that’s there for you and your Hashi woman, zoom over to http://bit.ly/healing-hashimotos-summit-2017 and sign up, then watch your email for the links to all the different speakers each day from Nov. 6 to 13.

Alrighty guys, get on it. Save yourself possibly years and years of frustration and wasted time.



See this happy and healthy family here? — we were not always in this place.  Truth is, it was a lot of years of awfulness while we wandered in an undiagnosed Hashimoto’s condition. After years of bouncing around from doctor to doctor and wiping out our money and time trying to find out what was going on we finally go to this photo you see above.  It was hard fought.

Oh, how I wish I had a resource like the upcoming The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit back then. We would have saved 5 – 7 YEARS or more of my girl wandering in sickness and frustration.

If you’re still in that place of hard symptoms, frustrated with testing, or even if you already have a firm diagnosis, join us to learn from us, and others as they share their personal stories and shortcut yourself to a better place.

Plus the advice, tips and in-clinic practices from the experts they’ve relied on, not just to diagnose and manage this disease, but to live
with hope, purpose and wholeness.

Healing Hashimoto's Summit 2017

Register for Healing Hashimoto’s Summit 2017: 

Here’s why you (and likely your loved ones) should attend this…
90% of all hypothyroid conditions are due to Hashimoto’s, and tens of millions of people world wide are struggling from this disorder — it’s STILL one of the most common yet uncommonly diagnosed diseases in the world.

Your thyroid affects just about EVERY part of your health. Slight imbalances can cause problems all over your body (and you may not even know they’re happening).

That’s why it’s so important to catch a thyroid disorder as early as possible.

Symptoms range from hair loss, weight gain, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet, excessive perspiration, dryness, irritability, brain fog, skin issues, hives, digestive distress, malnutrition, heart palpitations, hormone imbalance, decreased libido, sluggishness.

Yeah, very much not fun. The list goes on and on.

We want you to know you’re not alone in your thyroid struggles, Stacey and I have been there, done that.  That’s why we decided to co-host The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit in the “For Loved Ones” tract (A brand new section for the family and friends who may not understand what’s going on)

Sign up for the summit here: http://bit.ly/healing-hashimotos-summit-2017

The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit 2017 is here to:

+ Raise awareness about this chronic disease
+ Help with early detection, testing and diagnosis
+ Discuss the importance of physical, mental and emotional healing
+ Advice for navigating the ups and downs
+ Share success stories (it IS possible and you’re not alone)
+ And a whole bunch more

The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit 2017
is online and free from November 6-13, 2017!

Click here to sign up: http://bit.ly/healing-hashimotos-summit-2017

Stacey and I will see you there — and make sure to check out our family spotlight video “Our Hashi Household: How Our Family Lives, Loves, and Thrives”

Check out a preview of it here

Ciao for now.

Rock and Stacey