Why do some Hashi’s women burn the candle at both ends? (or more!)

Why do some Hashi’s women burn the candle at both ends? (or more!)

Is this your reality?

There are some common issues in Hashi’s women we’ve seen over the last 20 years. These ladies are uber-productive, caring, and dynamic. They make life happen and are the heart and soul of their families and communities. One of the hard truths is this: A lot of women we’ve talked to with Hashimoto’s have gone through some kind of abuse, neglect or injury in their childhood.

So, because of that old baggage, they’ve got their own internal mental circus going on – and one of the main issues they deal with is performing for their worth. That means they’ll bypass their inner signals to “stop in the name of health” and keep going so that they can keep being worthy of love.

This is a huge deal for many women. Other unpleasant side-effects include dealing with issues of trust, self-rejection, fear, perfectionism, control, and guilt that sticks like glue. They’re almost always “on” – taking care of everybody.

Sound familiar? And my counterpart to that with my wife Stacey was that I didn’t have to be “on”, because she was taking care of it all. Lots of fun for me: not so much fun for her.

Excerpt from “The Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s” (available on Amazon)

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