DUH! Standard hypothyroidism treatment falling short

DUH! Standard hypothyroidism treatment falling short

Ok guys — while many standard medical doctors and endocrinologist only prescribe T4 thyroid replacement, there is evidence that the “once size fits all” approach is NOT the whole game.

If your woman is not feeling well on T4 alone, it’s time to look into options.

This study found higher cholesterol levels are a part of the T4 only standard treatment. ‘We have to re-evaluate our guidelines’

WOW. Thank god people are studying this and moving treatment research forward.

True Story: I met a nurse (with Hashimoto’s) who worked for an endocrinologist. So here’s this health professional, who’s being treated by a person supposedly in the know. This nurse felt AWFUL on her thyroid medicine, but her endo kept telling her, “you’re in range, you’re fine.”


15 F*#$ing years of feeling like crap!!!

I don’t use all caps often, but WHAT THE HELL!

She told me that she finally started seeing an alternative practitioner who put her on another thyroid supplement regimen, where she finally started feeling better.

DON’T LET YOUR WOMAN SUFFER NEEDLESSLY. Listen to her — if she’s not feeling well, even if she’s ‘in range’ — get her on another treatment.

Here’s that article:

Standard hypothyroidism treatment falling short

Meta-analysis finds common medication fails to normalize high cholesterol caused by hypothyroidism


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