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So, I’m sitting at my desk writing my book.  I now know more about Hashimoto’s than I ever have before, and I’m about 20 years late to the ‘party’… I mean diagnosis.

It would be easy to have a pity party, but that really doesn’t help.  It’s doesn’t help me be a better husband, and it doesn’t help me keep engaged with life and my family to have me wallow in ‘what I didn’t do back in the day’.

My wife is one tough cookie, and has kept moving through life with Hashimoto’s – with or without me being present, sensitive, attentive, or considerate to her and the reality she lives in – every day.  That’s part of what I love so much about her; she has the vision to keep moving forward even when the troops don’t.

Yet sometimes, even she gets discouraged and down, and life in our house takes on a decidedly blue tone.  Laundry piles up, meals become gluten free cereal or yogurt, and the cleaning takes a pause for a while.  I usually pick up the slack while she takes time to be… human.

I am not bad guy.  I work hard.  I get in there and do my part for my wife and the kids.

And I’m also… human.

When it comes to health issues, in the past I have opted to leave that to my health conscious, organic food loving, fact researching, spiritually sensitive, uber compassionate, Dr. Mom person – a.k.a. my wife.  And I know there are many other men out there who do the same thing.  I don’t know exactly why, women just seem to be better in that department.

duct tape - no problemWhen the kiddos get hurt in our house, who do they make a beeline for?  Oh, that would be mom.

Yeah, I’ll do in a pinch… if mom’s not around.

No band aids?  No problem.

Hold this toilet paper where it’s bleeding, a little bit of duct tape – BOOM!  You are good to go, my friend.

You can stop crying now.

Truth be told, it’s highly likely that men are not as clued into their emotions as much as women are.

Is that a sexist thing to say?  I don’t know anymore.  Not to be politically incorrect, it just seems obvious that there are differences between my wife and I.

Yin Yang coupleLife just seems to have a Yin and Yang thing about these things; on one side is the guy – focused, practical, predictable, no nonsense, get ‘er done.  On the other side is the girl – compassionate, sensible, open to new things, emotionally aware.

(Forgive the stereotype, there are always exceptions and variations)  But in relationships we often find someone who complements our strengths with their strengths (oh, and weaknesses too).

Anyway, I may be late to the game, but I’m here now.  It doesn’t help my ‘awesome husband’ game to be kicking myself for what I didn’t do – that would take away from me being present to the now.

Now, I’m more aware.

  • I’m doing regular research – I made commitment to read a book about Hashimoto’s, or online Hashi articles – just 20 minutes a day.  Easy.


  • I’m being that proactive spouse asking my wife, ‘have you taken your supplements today?’ when she wants to avoid them (she’s got her own issues).  As easy as a reminder on my phone.


  • If she’s wiped out, I let her rest or nap, and then take the kids out, and we go out and do our man-venture. Fun is always easy.


  • If she’s seeming stir crazy, I’ll send her out with her girlfriends, or have her go somewhere inspiring by herself for perspective.  Happy wife, happy life – very easy investment.


  • For all our sanity’s sake, I’ll have someone come in regularly and do a basic housecleaning. Optional: the kids and I do it.  (Can’t always vouch for the quality.  Whatever… it still makes a difference)


text - keeping it realSo, as if on cue, my wife is now texting me that the kids are driving her crazy!

Then, she amends that, and says, ‘they’re not bad at all.  They’re great.  It’s just that my brain can’t *#@*!# handle so much at once.

That’s my cue people.  Gotta get into Captain Awesome mode.

Just remember, you can be that for your woman too.

Maybe you haven’t been consistent either, or got clued in later – like me.

Your time is now – let your actions speak for you.  Don’t try to backfill all the guilt of what you didn’t do in the past.  Just take this moment, and do what you need to do.

I think you know what that next step is.

Keep doing that, and being that, and she’ll take notice.

(Bonus tip – if you don’t know the next step, ask her.  I’m sure she can put a list together.)

Ciao for now,  Rock

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(a.k.a. Captain Awesome)



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If you need an an amazing book for your woman with Hashimoto’s, pick up my wife’s award winning book, “You’re Not Crazy And You’re Not Alone: Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor, and Learning to Love Yourself Through Hashimoto’s

These cats are my… inspiration.  I look at these cats everyday while I work on my book, “The Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s“.

I would much rather be running around on the beach with my kiddos and wife, but I have a goal…

To get this much needed book out there for men who will need a guide along the path of this ‘not so fun’ diagnosis.

So, I get to work like crazy, and look at my Italian ‘cats’.

I love my crazy life and what I get to do to make a difference in the world.

Back to work!!!

Rock (and the cats)

Hey guys,

You’ve probably asked this question (maybe not out loud) – Where is the Woman I Married?


I wrote an article for Hypothyroid Mom, Dana Trentini, that has been really helping men to get up to speed on what their Hashi woman needs.

As I write this, it’s gotten over 10,000 likes and 5,500 shares on Facebook in about 3 days.

Check it out here:

Hey ho there people,

E Ticket Ride - look it up

Are we having fun yet?

This is Rock Robbins, your host to the adventure of having a spouse with Hashimoto’s.  Some people go to Disneyland for a wild ride, my wife, Stacey, and I got the the “E-ticket” for Hashimoto’s.

Ok, why the humor?  Isn’t this site supposed to be serious / helpful?

Well, you’re going to need some humor, because it’s going to help you get through some of the rougher times when you’re likely going to need it.  I think that’s very helpful.

Hopefully you won’t have hard times – I really hope so.  But this site is here, just in case.

If you haven’t read my Hashimoto’s story yet, you can find it here.

So, why am I doing this?

I want to have this site to be a resource for husbands (and even other family members) who don’t have a clue what Hashimoto’s is, or for those who think they do, but maybe really don’t.

I plan to have all the basic, intermediate, and some advanced questions here… but mostly the basics, because that’s what I really needed back in the beginning.  I had questions, like…


What the heck is Hashimoto’s?  And can someone please explain it in an easy to digest way.

Is this something that she can just take a pill for and BOOM life goes back to normal?

Will my wife have energy, vitality, and get back up off the bed or couch again?


And that all important question…


Will we ever… ever… have sex again?

Hang tight, we will address this and more.   (And yes, there’s hope for that last part.  Whew.)

Am I really needed here?

CluelessIf we’re being honest, I really didn’t worry about any of this back in the beginning, as I was too busy with being selfish with my own life.  Yes, I was the center of my universe.

I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I love my wife, and back then I served her in many ways.  But, if you were looking for natural treatments for health issues, or in depth sympathy – that was really my wife’s department.  This was her wheelhouse, her specialty.

Now if you needed your computer looked at, a saxophone solo, something heavy lifted, or getting something off a tall shelf – that was my department. We had strict union rules about not doing each other’s jobs.

All kidding aside, I was really hoping our doctor, and my wife (who has superior insight and ninja health skills already) would have this Hashimoto’s thing figured out in a couple weeks, maybe a month tops.  I really had no idea it was going to be such a big deal.

Some 20 years later, here we are – in a MUCH better place than we were.  And the understanding and treatment of Hashimoto’s is in a much better place too (if you ask the right people), but there’s still confusion out there.  There are a lot of women (and their families) trying the ‘old’ traditional way of dealing with this from well-meaning doctors and specialists, and feeling like they’re going crazy because they’re not feeling better even though their ‘levels are in range’.

That’s why I’m doing this…


  • Family photo at Benihanas - tighterIt’s for my wife and me, so we can have the best life and health possible.


  • It’s for my kids, so they get to know their mom as healthy, playful, and whole/intact person.


  • It’s for the woman who’s close to giving up hope that she’ll ever feel better, or lose weight again.


  • It’s for the husband, who just wants things to go back to the way they used to be, but maybe needs a new vision and partnership with his wife in her health journey.


  • It’s for the family members who don’t get why this is such a problem, and maybe need a little less judgement, and a little more understanding and compassion for someone who ‘looks fine’ on the outside.


I want to shortcut you and the woman you love to the place of health, wholeness, peace, and fun again.  Now, it may not be a ‘snap your fingers and everything’s back to normal experience’, but it also doesn’t have to be a tormenting, unnecessarily long, frustrating process either.

If you’re willing to invest some time and the natural guy fixit / troubleshooting sensibility to this issue, you will not only get the appreciation of your woman, you’ll make both of your lives a better place on this health journey.

It’s important that we men use our unique strengths, assurance, and steady hand at the wheel to help our women through this time.  Whatever you bring to the mix, it’s important because – you make a difference.


OK, I’m done with the ‘You da Man!‘ pep talk.

Thanks for coming with my on this journey.  Here we go… Rock

Rock signature

Alrighty guys, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention 2 books that can really help you and your Hashi woman, right now.

The first is my wife’s book, You’re Not Crazy And You’re Not Alone: Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor, and Learning to Love Yourself Through Hashimoto’s(Available in paperback and Kindle via

This is where she can get her mind game on, to help make sure she’s not sabotaging the very healing process she’s trying to affect with lifestyle changes, and supplements.

There’s no other book out there addressing this important angle – the mind game of Hashimoto’s.

Can you get better with Hashimoto’s?  That is a VERY important question.

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t – you’re right.”  Henry Ford

From a mindset / soul perspective, this is the book to get.  Feel understood and validated.

Best selling author Dr. Izabella Wentz was kind enough to write the forward to it.



Izabella Wentz bookSpeaking of Dr. Izabella Wentz, her New York Times best selling book Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause” is on the cutting edge of the current conversation and treatment of Hashimoto’s.  It deftly and clearly explains…

  • What Hashimoto’s is – you don’t need a medical degree understand it
  • Why the ‘old/standard’ Hashimoto’s treatments leave so many frustrated and feeling awful for years!
  • How to craft a treatment plan that’s specialized to your own body and situation

From a medical perspective, this is the book to get.  Save yourself years of frustration.

As a husband, I took just 15 minutes a day to read this, and it helped me quickly get a handle on this daunting diagnosis.


My family loves Izabella and Michael Wentz and the difference they’re making in the Hashi world.  Find out more about them at

There are more resources coming, but this is a great place to start.