Lessons from Eating Pie off of the Floor

Lessons from Eating Pie off of the Floor

(The After Thanksgiving blog post)

Oh man…

We made it.

This far anyway.

We got through Thanksgiving. The awesome food fest along with a heaping side of family dynamics/emotions.

Guy highlight for me – getting to eat the awesome pumpkin pie I helped my wife make – off of the floor.

So, my wife and worked the food for Thanksgiving in the morning, and then I had to go out and get the stuff that “we” (actually, she) forgot to get.

While I’m out, I get a text message from my wife.

“Make sure the pudding isn’t instant, and look at my Facebook post”

FYI – I’m not a natural Facebook person, but whatever, in the middle of the store I fire it up and see…


A beautiful picture of the pie we made together, and then another photo of it upside down on the kitchen floor squished out in firework like splatters.


And, so the first thing I’m thinking is….

(in the spirit of Thanksgiving)

I am so thankful that hit the floor and not the carpet!

Because I know I’m going to be cleaning this bad boy up.

I make it back home, and hug my wife. I let her know it’s ok (we also had a spare pumpkin pie – whew!)

And so, I take a closer look at this pie, and get a idea…

     “Give me a spoon”

My wife looks at my with wide eyes as she hands it to me.







Gotta say, it was good.

  • My wife laughed…
  • The kids were jazzed…
  • And we made it a memory.

So, why am I sharing this?

Because this really wasn’t how we wanted our holiday morning to start. And truly, in Thanksgiving drama fashion, this could have been an opportunity for a holiday argument, and set a sour mood for the day.

But by choosing for it to be okay, I made something that could have been a really bad memory into something fun.

Having a wife with Hashimoto’s can be like that. We get volunteered for something we both didn’t sign up for…

– Why did this have to happen?

– I don’t want this, for her, or for me

– I wish things would go back to the way things were

and on and on…

Look, life is just the way it is sometimes; you get dealt a hand that is not ideal, or fun.

But since you’re both going to be going through this anyway, we can choose to make the best of it on the way to the goal of her health and peace being restored; which helps restore your peace too.

I’m not saying it’s always going to be fun. But we have a lot of control on how we react to life. That’s the game to play and win.

Hang in there, there is the possibility of hope, fun, and health again in your relationship if you choose it.

That, my friend, is my tired husband wisdom for today.

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