Is she feeling un-beautiful? Read this…

Is she feeling un-beautiful? Read this…

Hey guys – today I’m sharing a guest post from my wife Stacey.  She shares what it’s like to go from gorgeous, to… well, let’s just say, there’s no word you can put there as a husband, and win.  Today you get the perspective from the other side.

Here’s a snippet below.  See here for the full article – “It’s a Beautiful Thing



“You’re so beautiful, funny, smart, strong, generous, loving, and gifted…”

It sounds like the affirmations of Saturday Night Live character, Stuart Smalley. His needy, lispy voice encouraging his reflection in the mirror to get laughs from the live audience, and to convince himself out of his neurosis — always ending with the infamous phrase, “And doggone it, people like me.”

But before he ever came on the scene, these were the words my parents spoke to me.

About me.

It was the list I could practically recite myself with a “blah, blah, blah’ on the end when I was a teenager and I wasn’t buying it — because you know, parents are ‘weird.’

But the truth is: I was all of those things.

I ended up starting my own business — a professional music career — at age 15. I was well-read, could do great impressions of comedians that would leave my family peeing in their pants, and we turned heads, all five of us, when we’d walk into a restaurant.

My whole Italian family was beautiful. Crazy? Yes. A little extra in the fanny? Yes. A little signature Sicilian bump on the nose? Yes. And could go from zero to bitchy in about a second?

It’s a ‘Beautiful’ thing…

Hell, yes.

But always beautiful.

And I didn’t realize how important beauty was to me, until it went away.



The whole article, “It’s a Beautiful Thing” is posted over at Hypothyroidmom.comclick her to see it.


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