Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Credibility?

Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Credibility?

Hey guys – today we’re going to hear from my wife, Stacey, to get a little perspective from across the gender aisle. I know! We already know it all, but just to keep it real, let’s see what’s going on in the mind of women with Hashimoto’s.

This post is from Dana Trentini’s site (great place to get more info and perspective) and my Stacey got to share.  Here’s the teaser paragraph…

I woke up in the middle of the night, tonight, and realized, “Oh shit. I haven’t answered my e-mails in 3 weeks and oh, I haven’t written a blog in nearly forever.

Even though I have my own good reasons (working on my new book, taking care of my oldest kiddo who’s sick again from the mold exposure in our last place while I’m still healing from the mold and have been exhausted, finishing the homeschool year, and working with my coaching clients) the truth is that I’m bummed.

One of the things that I long for in my life and work is:


I don’t know about you but consistency is one of the things that got impacted by having my thyroid go sideways when the thyroid autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s entered my life.

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